Who is Hello Shot?

Hello Shot is the only company in Orlando that provides fun and delicious gelatin shots to bars, nightclubs, and private parties. Heck, we’re probably the first company in the whole wide world to ever do this. That makes us feel special.

What we do?

Are you looking to increase sales? Maybe there’s a holiday or special event coming up? Maybe you have overstock or your distributor left you with a bottle of liquor that you don’t know what to do with? The answer is Hello Shots...

Hello Shots will come to you and make fun, highly visible, and very profitable gelatin shots that will have your guests saying hello all night long.

We have an endless amount of delicious Hello Shot recipes that include vodka, rum, sake, even champagne! In most cases we can provide same day service. Go ahead, challenge us..

Why we do it?

Say “Hello” with a Hello Shot Hello Shots are fun for everyone! We’ve been in the alcohol industry for a long time. 13 years. One thing we know is that if your guests are having a good time then they will spend more money. It doesn’t matter if it’s a special occasion, a group of old friends celebrating, or you’re looking for a unique way to break the ice…Hello Shots do it all.

We all know that people spend more money when they’re having a good time. What’s more fun than going out with old friends, or making new ones? Imagine making a great profit while you and your guests are having fun saying hello with Hell-o Shots..

For more information or just to say hello!
Phone: (407) 650-0679
Email: Info@HelloShot.com